Who is a Young Carer?

We define a ‘Young Carer’ as anyone aged between 5-17 that is significantly impacted by the diagnosed health condition, disability or substance misuse of a close relative. This means someone they live with or see on a daily basis.

More information about Young Carers

The 2021 Census recorded that there were approximately 120,000 young unpaid carers (aged between 5 and 17 years) in England (1.4% of 5- to 17-year-olds).

However, the Children’s Society estimates that there are 800,000 Young Carers in England. They also find that:

  • 27% of Young Carers aged 11-15 miss school
  • 39% of Young Carers said nobody in their school was even aware of their caring responsibilities, and
  • 1 in 3 Young Carers have a mental health issue.

The average age of a Young Carer is 13, but they can be as young as 5 years old.