For Adult Carers

Carers Support Merton can offer advice, information and guidance to support Carers in Merton to flourish.

Carer Helpline

Telephone advice line

Carers in Merton can telephone between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday on 0208 646 7515 to ask for information or advice.

Emergency Plan for Carers

Carers emergency plan

As a Carer, it is important to put together an emergency plan in case something happens and you may not be able to support the person you care for. Carers Support Merton has a template you can use to do this.

Life after caring

It can be hard to adjust to changes in your life when your caring role ends.

image of brick wall with "services" neon sign

Link to other services

We will suggest, signpost or refer you to agencies offering services that may be helpful in meeting your needs.

Young Adult Carers

We define a ‘Young Adult Carer’ as anyone aged between 17 -24 who is significantly impacted by the diagnosed health condition, disability or substance misuse of a close relative. This means someone they live with or see on a daily basis.

For Professionals Working With Adult Carers

Refer an Adult Carer

If you are working professionally with someone who will benefit from support as a Carer, you can refer them to us directly. Please include the