Refer a Young Carer

We accept referrals from professionals – such as social workers, GPs, teachers and Family Support Workers, but also from family members and Carers themselves. However, please note that for all Young Carers under the age of 18, we will need parental consent.

Feel free to call a member of our team on 020 8646 7515 (a member of Carers Support Merton will be available to speak with each weekday from 10am-4pm). If you call outside of these hours please be sure to leave your name and contact details and a member of our Young Carers team will get in touch!

If you are looking to refer a Young Adult Carer (aged 18-24) please refer through our Adult Carers service by clicking here.

Secure communication
We can accept secure emails from professionals (social workers, GPs, family support workers, teachers etc.) but we are unable to accept referrals from personal email addresses for data protection reasons.

Professionals can email to request a copy of our referral form. We accept completed referral forms via our secure USO system, so when you are ready to send the referral a member of the Young Carers team will email you a secure code along with a link to upload.