Digital skills support for Carers

Many services and resources are now only available online. If you are struggling using online systems, or confused about how to get support through the internet, there is support available in Merton.

Sources of support for digital skills in Merton

Your local library will have computers you can use and can often help with digital skills. If you feel you are ‘digitally excluded’, you can borrow a laptop, tablet or smart speaker from your local Merton library. Find out more at Connecting Merton.

Wimbledon Guild runs a workshop where you can take your mobile or tablet for advice.

Online Courses

The Learn My Way website has free courses and information.

The Open University has a free Open Learn course covering Digital skills: succeeding in a digital world.

NESCOT has some free computing courses both on-site and as part of their distance learning programme.

Barclays Digital Wings has lots of different online tutorials for different skill levels.

Face-to-face courses in Merton

You can find an overview of courses available on the Merton Council website.

Merton College offers a range of courses around digital skills and IT at different levels.

Adult Training Network works in collaboration with Merton Council to deliver a range of programmes which include Functional Skills English and Digital Skills.

Online resources

Digital Unite has some very useful technology guides on different topics.

Digital switch-over

Phone companies intend to withdraw the existing analogue telephone system, called the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), by 2025. The PSTN is an aging network that is becoming harder and more expensive to maintain. We will all be upgraded to digital phone lines and calls will be transmitted digitally through the broadband system.

Your phone company should be able to offer support, especially to people who are classed as vulnerable customers. Ofcom has more information and advises people to contact their phone company if they:

  • Have telecare or security alarms reliant on the phone network.
  • Would be unable to contact the emergency services if they lost landline services in the event of a power cut, for example because they do not have a mobile phone or reliable mobile signal;
  • Have a disability or other needs that mean they require help with installation.

Mascot Telecare has advice for people using their services.