Digital skills support for Carers

Carers Support Merton believes that no Carer should miss out on support because they don’t have digital skills or access to the internet.

How Carers Support Merton can help

Many services and resources are now only available online. If you are struggling using online systems, or confused about how to get support through the internet, please get in touch.

Carers Support Merton offers short-term, one-to-one support with a trained staff member or a volunteer.

We can talk to you on the phone, via Zoom, meet you in a library or visit your home.

We can help you get the most out of your laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

For example, we can help you to:

  • Set up and use an email account, including opening and sending email attachments.
  • Use video conferencing software, like Zoom or MS Teams.
  • Do your shopping or banking online.
  • Use online forms and create online accounts.

We can also help if you’re worried about online security, contact us to talk about:

  • how to spot scams.
  • setting passwords
  • backing up your data.

We can also give you guidance about which device would be most suitable for you, what to think about when buying a device and options for paying for an internet connection.

If we don’t know the answer to your questions, we can find someone who does.

Contact Carers Support Merton digital project

Nada Savitch is the Digital Project Co-ordinator at Carers Support Merton.

You can telephone or email her for a chat about your needs and how we can help.
Email or telephone 020 8646 7515.

Or sign-up for our for one of our online Digital Skills Drop-in or Digital Photography Club sessions.

Other sources of support for digital skills in Merton

Your local library will have computers you can use and can often help with digital skills. If you feel you are ‘digitally excluded’, you can borrow a laptop, tablet or smart speaker from your local Merton library. Find out more at Connecting Merton or contact Nada at Carers Support Merton for more information.

Wimbledon Guild runs a workshop where you can take your mobile or tablet for advice.

Online Courses

Carers Support Merton is part of the Good Things Foundation network of Online Centres.
For more information see the Learn My Way website. Please contact us for more information and our centre code to access the Learn My Way free online courses.

The Open University has a free Open Learn course covering Digital skills: succeeding in a digital world.

NESCOT has some free computing courses both on-site and as part of their distance learning programme.

Face-to-face courses in Merton

You can find an overview of courses available on the Merton Council website.

Merton College offers a range of courses around digital skills and IT at different levels.

Adult Training Network works in collaboration with Merton Council to deliver a range of programmes which include Functional Skills English and Digital Skills.

Online resources

Digital Unite has some very useful technology guides on different topics.