How to refer an Adult Carer

If you are working professionally with someone who will benefit from support as a Carer, you can refer them to us directly.

Please note that the form cannot be saved and returned to, so please have the information ready.

You must have permission from the Carer to share their data with us.

Please include:

  • Your name and contact details and the organisation you work for.
  • The Carer’s own full name and minimum contact details of a telephone and/or email address, plus home address if known.
  • Brief reason for referral.
  • Other information that will help us to provide a good service, especially any known risks.

Please do not include details of the cared-for person, apart from their relationship with the Carer and a broad description of their condition.

Please note, if the Carer is caring for someone in residential care they will not be eligible for a Carers Assessment.  However, we are always happy to provide information and advice via our helpline and other services.

Email us:
Call us: 020 8646 7515

We will make contact with the Carer and with you if you have requested feedback.
Urgent referrals for a carers assessment should be made to Merton Council.


If you are a Carer who would like to access our services, you can complete our self-referral form.

Referring a Young Carer

We also accept referrals for Young Carers (aged 5 to 18). Please go to our Young Carers referral page for more information.