Looking after yourself

Looking after yourself involves looking after your relationships, your health and your wellbeing.  When you are focused on babies and children, it’s easy to forget or run out of time to focus on yourself.  Caring for a child with disabilities can be even more time-consuming and stressful, therefore it is important to develop strategies to look after yourself in order to be able to care for your child.

Contact (for families with disabled children) have a some tips for looking after yourself and coping with stress.

Good Thinking is a Public Health England and NHS sponsored service available online or via an app. It provides free support to help people reduce stress and anxiety, improve their sleep and help lift their mood.

Contact (for families with disabled children) provides 1:1 ‘Listening Ear’ telephone appointments for Parent Carers who may be struggling emotionally, or would like strategies to help them cope or who would like to talk through their situation with someone who actually understands.  You can book an appointment through their website.

Events in Merton – Keep an eye on our events page for workshops to help you to develop strategies to promote wellbeing.

Our mental health support section for Parent Carers has more information on how to seek help and support if you are struggling to look after your wellbeing, worried about your mental health or have a diagnosed mental health condition.