Vision and values

Carers Support Merton is an independent charity formed in 1991 by a group of local Carers.  We have been through a number of changes since then.  We exist to support unpaid Carers from the age of 5 in Merton to stay well and live a fulfilling life.


A society which values its (unpaid) Carers


To empower unpaid Carers to live a fulfilling life


Inclusive – We embrace diversity and treat everyone as an individual

Caring and compassionate – We show empathy and treat Carers, their families and each other with kindness, going the ‘extra mile’ to make a difference

Honest, open and reliable – We do what we say we will

Client focused – We listen to Carers’ needs and views, and ensure they remain central to everything we do

Continuously improving – We are inspirational and innovative about what we can achieve for Carers and always strive to remain current, progressive and relevant

Collaborative – We actively seek collaboration and partnership with other organisations to ensure that Carers have access to the best expertise and are supported in the most efficient and effective ways