If you are caring for someone it can be hard to think about your own needs. You may have a specific issue or immediate problem to work with, or want to think about your feelings generally.

Our Counselling Service can provide the structure and reflective space you need. You will be offered an initial assessment meeting with the counsellor, to discuss your needs and whether counselling is right for you, followed by regular and confidential sessions. You can make a positive difference to your life as a carer by taking the chance to share your concerns and experiences and make sense of them.

All our counsellors are qualified or on recognised training courses that comply with the BACP Code of Ethics and Practice.  We will provide further details and discuss our Counselling Agreement with you at your initial session. 

If you would like to talk, get in touch!  (LINK)

“When I requested counselling it was arranged really quickly – there was no fuss!”

“Its so good to have an emotional outlet.  I feel less anxious.”.

“Its good to talk through stuff that I really can’t speak about at home.”

If you would like to find out more about our counselling service then please contact us on 020 8646 7515