Emergency food and fuel

Local Emergency Food & Fuel

If you need immediate  support with paying for bills or shopping, Merton Community Hub can provide a free foodbank voucher or an emergency food parcel.

There is a full list of sources of emergency food & fuel support in Merton on the Merton Council website

Local Welfare Support

If you are a Merton resident with short term severe financial difficulties you may be eligible for a Local Welfare Support Grant, which does not have to be paid back. Find out more at the money advice pages of the Merton Council website.

Citizens Advice Crisis Prevention Worker

If you are a Carer registered with Carers Support Merton and experiencing financial difficulty then you can ask for an appointment with our Citizens Advice Crisis Prevention Worker.  You will need to call the office on 020 8646 7515 between 10am and 4pm and we will register you (if you are not already registered) and make a referral.

General Energy Saving Advice

Energy Saving Trust provides advice on saving energy and cutting your bills: https://energysavingtrust.org.uk/energy-at-home