Warm and Well in Merton handyman service

The Warm and Well in Merton campaign raises awareness of the importance of keeping warm in winter and give practical support to residents of Merton to stay warm and well, helping to reduce the number winter hospital admissions in Merton.

This FREE handyperson service (charge for materials) offers people extra help with small practical jobs to make their lives easier, safer and warmer around the home particularly in winter. The handyperson service is open to all residents who are:

Merton Council
  • 65 years old or over OR
  • Have a a long-term condition or disability
  • A carer of someone over the age of 65, or with a long-term condition or disability.

Examples of handyperson tasks

(this list is not exhaustive)

Small repairs: Putting up curtain rails, shelves, fix down loose carpet and cables, move small items of furniture to enable greater warmth

Safety measures: Fitting smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, change fuses, replace existing light and switch fittings, fit light shades.

Home security: Door and window locks, key safes, door chains and door viewers

Energy efficiency checks: Installing draught excluders, radiator heat reflectors, replace light bulbs (preferably with energy efficient lightbulbs)

Plumbing: Clear blocked drains (kitchen U-bends), unblock toilet, sink and bath, fit tap washers, replace broken toilet seat, re-seal baths

The handyperson service is not intended to provide complex or skilled labour solutions and does not replace qualified tradespeople.

Exclusions would include:

  • Major electrical or plumbing works (whilst small repairs can be carried out, no “new” works will be undertaken)
  • Decorating
  • Major/large furniture removals