Virtual Health & Wellness Programme


The pandemic has had a negative impact on the physical or mental health of many of us.  We may be getting less exercise, eating less healthily, or feeling more anxious, stressed or depressed.  Many of us are feeling lethargic and have little energy.  Carers have told us they are doing more caring and some are more worried about whether they will be able to stay healthy and well to continue to provide care for their loved one.  Many of those who look after somebody experiencing mental ill health say their condition has worsened since lockdown, putting additional emotional strain on the Carer.  In such tough times it is easy to feel overwhelmed and neglect our own health and wellbeing.  However, we cannot look after others unless we look after ourselves.   It’s rather like being on an aeroplane, you need to put on your own oxygen mask before you can help others! 

Therefore, we are launching our Virtual Health & Wellness Programme on 1st June so that Carers of Merton, led by a qualified coach, can support each other to emerge from lockdown as fit and well as we can.  It will be run through a closed Facebook group and will consist of exercise classes, talks to motivate and help us reach our health goals, question time, recipe ideas and much more.  The best bit is that the talks and exercise classes are recorded and stay in the group so you can access at another time if it is not convenient to do live, or if you want to do them again!  

To join the group

The Programme will be run by Chris Tuck (pictured), founder of West Wickham Health and Fitness.  She has qualifications and many years’ experience in supporting people to make positive lifestyle changes to improve their physical health and emotional wellbeing.  She is qualified to teach exercise to children and adults.  She is also qualified in nutrition, in supporting people experiencing mental ill health and is qualified to accept GP referrals – so all in all a fantastic resource to support us through this difficult time.

Read testimonials from some of Chris' clients, here.


The first week tales place 1st – 5th June from 2pm – 3pm. Each day we will try out various classes from High Intensity Interval Training for the energetic, to the more gentle exercise to music or the seated Pilates for those with limited mobility.  After the first week participants will choose which three classes we will continue to run through June and July. 

You will be able to see Chris but nobody will be able to see you exercising, so you will have complete privacy – we promise!

To find out more about what the specific classes entail, click here.


Back 2 Basics 1st – 5th June 2020  2pm – 3pm

Back 2 Basics will get us thinking about ways we can improve our health habits to ensure we all stay strong and well both emotionally and physically as we emerge from lockdown.  After the first week, participants will choose the three exercise classes to continue with on a weekly basis.  The supportive Facebook group and talks will keep everyone motivated and on track. 

Each session will start with a 30 minute taster exercise class and be followed by a talk. There will be motivational tips, check in, food ideas and more in the group.

You will need to wear comfortable clothing suitable for exercising and take responsibility for making sure you have enough safe space to exercise.  You take part at your own risk and must agree to health declaration. The programme is directed at adults, but children are welcome to join in as long as you are satisfied they are fit and well and are exercising safely.  However, the materials are copyright and we ask you not to share wider than the group.

To view the health declaration, click here.


Monday 1st June

Exercise class:  HiiT Top 2 Toe

If you have a step, weights and a mat great!  If not use a towel, two tins/drink bottles, and either do without a step or use bottom step of stairs.

Talk: Getting started - Back to Basics - Mindset, nutrition, fitness and stress management.


Tuesday 2nd June

Exercise class: Pilates stretch & relax

Talk: The Importance of sleep


Wednesday 3rd June

Exercise class: Movement to Music

Talk: Don’t eat your emotions covering stress and breathing.


Thursday 4th June

Exercise class: Legs Bums Tums

Talk: Menses to Menopause 


Friday 5th June

Exercise class:  Seated Strength and Pilates

Small ball and/or cushion and t-towel needed

Talk: Importance of exercise and round up