Virtual Health & Wellness Programme


HiiT - this session is a full-body workout.  It is high-intensity interval training which means you work as hard as you can for the allotted work time and then rest for the allotted rest time.  It does not mean that each session is all high impact, each session can be adapted to suit all levels of ability and fitness level.   We will do a pre-stretch, warm-up, the workout and then a cooldown stretch. Each workout consists of 4 rounds of 6 exercises and each work/rest interval lasts for 40secs /20secs or 45secs/15secs or 50secs/10secs. Each round will cover cardio (heart & lungs), arms, legs and abs. 


StressBusters Pilates - this session is a full-body no-impact workout. The aim of fitness pilates is to identify postural imbalances and through Pilates-based exercises increase muscular balance, strength, endurance which improves our posture, mobility & flexibility  (important for office workers). Each session we focus on lengthening & strengthening our muscles and through our breathwork, we can learn to relax, manage our stress and anxiety. Many office workers sit for too long and can suffer from back and neck pain. This session will help address these issues.


Movement to Music - this session is a movement to music or low impact aerobics is a fun way to improve coordination, cardio fitness and introduce resistance training all in one session. In each session, we will learn a very simple fitness routine and do some resistance training for the upper body (arms) and lower body (legs). Each session will be different.


Seated Strength & Pilates - this session is a full-body no impact workout. All the benefits of the Stressbusters Pilates but combined with the use of other equipment like a tennis ball, a tea towel, a mini ball or cushion to deliver a different experience whilst seated! 


Legs Bums Tums - this session is a full-body aerobic workout that aims to tone up your legs, bum, and stomach. We start with a gentle warm-up & low impact routine and then focus on our target areas with specific exercises. These include squats, lunges, plies, leg raises & hamstring curls. Sometimes we will use equipment like a step to make the exercises more changing or combine upper bodyweight work with lower body movement.