Ursuline High School supporting Carers Support Merton

Thank you to 8 Margaret Class at Ursuline High School for selecting Carers Support Merton Young Carers Service as their chosen charity.

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Looking after a family member or friend who can’t look after themselves due to illness or disability can be a rewarding and positive experience, but can also be very tough. 

Their extra responsibilities often mean that they miss out on school and don’t get to enjoy activities, hobbies and hanging out with their friends in the same way as other children and young people do.  They often feel very alone and left out, as it is difficult to keep up with friendships, pursue hobbies or join in extra-curricular activities.  Taking on the responsibilities of an adult at such a very young age can be very overwhelming and worrying. 

We help by offering information, advice and access to a range of services to help them maintain balance in their lives and to have the confidence and support achieve their dreams alongside their extra responsibilities.