We support Young Adult Carers (aged 17-24) through the transition to further or higher education, work or apprenticeships and/or to help them maintain their place. 

"Carers Support Merton's YAC project has given me the help I need to deal with my problems and has shown me that I am not alone with my responsibilities as a carer" (YAC, aged 20)


  • 1-to-1 sessions, offering emotional and practical support, advice and guidance.
  • Opportunities to gain respite, socialise and to meet other Young Adult Carers.
  • Active signposting and referrals to specialist services, grants and funding.


Based on the 2011 Census, there are over 375,000 Young Adult Carers in the UK. However, there are likely to be far more as many young adults choose to hide their caring role or do not identify themselves as carers.

A 2013 Carers Trust survey of YACs found that 45% reported having mental health problems, including anxiety, depression and eating disorders. The survey also found that 45% of those responding to the survey who had left school said that they would have got better grades if they were not a carer. Of those surveyed, only 67% of the Young Adult Carers in work had informed their managers of their caring role - with a shocking 41% of those reporting that they their managers were not supportive.