How we support Adult Carers

Our friendly staff team are here to offer information, advice and guidance to Carers across the borough of Merton (and Carers caring for a resident of Merton).

Register with Carers Support Merton

When you first contact us, our intake assessors will go through a registration process with you.

They will ask a bit about you and your caring role. They will be able to give you information about organisations that might be able to help you and, if you wish, add you to our list for a Carers’ Assessment.

Carers’ Assessment

Anybody over 18 who looks after another adult, who is disabled, long-term sick, elderly or suffers with addiction has the legal right to a Carers’ Assessment.

This assessment is an opportunity for you to explain how caring affects your life and to explore what information, advice, benefits and services could make your life as a carer easier. It is not an assessment of your ability to care or your finances.

It is irrelevant which type of support you provide or how much, whether you live with the person you care for or whether you are working on top of being a Carer.

You and the person you care for can have a combined assessment if you wish to, but you are entitled to a Carers’ Assessment even if the person you care for does not wish to be assessed or they are not eligible for support from the local authority.

If your caring responsibilities are shared with other people, each person is entitled to have a Carers’ Assessment.

Our Carers’ Needs Assessors will be able to have this conversation with you and help you to put a plan in place.

Information, advice and guidance

  • We run different online and in-person support groups, talks and get togethers. These are advertised on our What’s Happening pages.
  • You can contact us via telephone or email if you have a specific question.
  • You can receive our email newsletter.
  • We might be able help you with your digital skills.