Pre-paid energy

Prepayment energy is not more expensive than paying by direct debit, but unlike direct debit you will not be able to spread your cost across the year, making payments for consumption in winter very high.

If you can not afford to top up your prepayment meter or you are unable to get out to top it up, your energy company will give you emergency credit, usually around £10, which you should get automatically.  If you do not get this when you need it, you can ask your energy company.  If you are vulnerable your energy company may agree to extend this emergency help on request.  However, this needs to be paid back, and you will need to agree with  your energy provider how you will do this.

Citizens Advice and Ofgem have some useful information on prepayment meters and how to deal with your energy company if you have difficulties.

If you can not afford to top up your prepayment meter you may be eligible for a Fuel Voucher to help you over the crisis.

Carers Support Merton can refer eligible Carers for fuel vouchers.  Please call the office on 0208 646 7515 between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday or email with your name, address and a contact number.