Carers tell us how much they value the opportunity to meet other people in similar circumstances, coming together to learn, to relax, to get out and about or just to socialise.  We run a range of support groups and activities throughout the year. 

“I’ve realised that you have to take time out and recharge your battery, l do matter. It is nice to have somewhere to go and interact with other carers.”

“It is meeting, talking & listening to others in a similar situation that gives ideas that can be used at home. Plus just to get out to talk about your problems and fears really helps.”

“Knowing that you are not alone and there are people who can help if you need it.  Just getting out of the house is good. Having an excuse to do so is essential.”

“These activities have given me a taster of the type of hobbies that I would like to peruse. This then would give me a more fulfilling life rather than just feel that my role in life is just a carer.”

“The opportunity to have some ‘me time’, has given me the chance to recharge my batteries and come back home more refreshed and focussed to deal with any ongoing issues.”

“The mental health Cafe has been a real help, giving me the opportunity to talk to like minded people who are going through similar situations.”

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