“Back 2 basics was just what I needed as I was feeling lethargic, struggling with various symptoms of the menopause and just felt as if I had really lost my mojo!  I find Chris really motivational and inspirational.   As a result of Back 2 Basics I am so pleased to say I have managed to stop snacking during meals upped my water intake and am only eating healthy food.  I can honestly say as a result of that week I am feeling totally energised & rejuvenated and can already see my body shape changing.”


“I didn’t realise how much I had to learn. I thought it was common sense really and I just needed to get on with it.  I hadn’t bargained on Chris’s direct, inclusive and focussed back to basics approach, which encourages you to look objectively at your habits and lifestyle and decide whether they are helping or hindering your progress to health and fitness.  She brings together many aspects of health and self care, and has a wealth of knowledge on how hormones, food, sleep, exercise, hydration and stimulants (coffee and alcohol) affect the delicate balance of our physical health and mental well-being.  Her inspiring daily talks got me listening eagerly and determined to start making some important changes to several aspects of my life.  I am 66, struggling with weight gain and other related health issues but now ready to move forwards knowing its never too late to make changes and reach my health goals.  I know I can do this – thanks Chris”


“The Back to Basics is a great way to take a closer look at your complete health and well-being, identifying areas you could do better and strategies to take small steps in the right direction for YOU.  Chris Tuck is kind and understanding and has a passion for helping others break through.  If you want to make some positive changes this is a great place to start.”