Amelia, one of our amazing Young Carers, recently took part in a four week poetry project with Young Urban Arts Foundation - and here are some of the poems she created during this period!


Amelia is an exceptionally talented writer, with a real skill for mixing her interests, and pop culture, with deep and important social messages. With such an adept grasp of the English language, it's hard to believe that she's only 12 years old!!

Thanks to MC Angel and the staff at YUAF for running such an amazing programme!



I Am Amazing


You may not understand it but it’s true,

Just think about what you’ve been through

You have fought monsters,

And knocked them down.

You didn’t listen when anxiety took the hand of fear and said you were nothing.

You use the power of singing and love to make people smile.

You use your knowledge and make it a castle for all!

No matter how big or small!

You took the rainbow and shared it between all!

You care, you share, you are fair!

You are amazing!


Friendships Are Stories


Stories are people caught in friendships, in more friendships.

We are Bakugo and Deku, or Denki and Shinsou, dancing to the newest song. 

Or Shigikari and Dabi going on their first kill. 

You are snuggles in bed with a side of giggles. 

You are Disney and chocolate, and I am anime and nougat. 

Indie and electric pop.  

You are that action figure that every little girl wants, 

And I am an art set every cute kid wants.

Hufflepuff & Slytherin. 

Luna & Ginny.  

Standing up or backing down. 

Cute and strong. Shy and awkward. 

So what! 

We are a friendship trapped in the story of life.


Her Positivity


Her eyes, they shine so brightly,

You have to save their light!

When you feel your heat look into her eyes.

That’s where your happiness lies.

You are like fireworks and symphonies exploding in the night sky.

Say all the words in your head!

If you are tired and fired up of the way that things have been,


You are the one at the sail,

You’re the master of the sea.

Don’t let them tell you who you should be!

Send your spirits up above.

You’re the face of the future with the blood in your veins!

Their spirits turned into a dove,

Their spirits up above.


Freedom is…


Freedom is rules without rules.

Freedom is where you are never a prisoner of your past,

It is just a lesson, not a life sentence!

Freedom is like looking for an oasis in a desert,

It is a difficult journey but the result is rewarding and refreshing.

Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.

Freedom is within our grasp and we remind ourselves we need to reach it.


My Dream


I am on a beach… Guessing Australia? The soft golden sand looks like something from a movie; the rich blue sky has no clouds to be seen; I can taste the salty breeze that blows droplets of water into my mouth. As I walk along the beach I feel gratitude for my life as I couldn’t have made it to this point without my friends and family. I remember my favourite song and how it represents my past. I hear all the wonderful sounds of Australia. The exotic cuisine smells like something out of this world. I remember all the people I have helped; I remember all their stories and how they inspired me. As the sunsets, I say to myself “ We made it, didn't we Fuzzball.” I remember all the time our souls intermingled and made a friendship no one can break… Thank you, Deku… You truly are plus ultra…