Cassie's Top 5 Well Being Tips

With lockdown continuing and people spending greater amounts of time at home, Young Adult Carer Cassie Eaton shares some of her top tips for keeping healthy and well this spring and summer!


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Improve your sleep quality! Get to bed a little earlier or wind down before bed without screens. Still struggling? Try using the app Sleep Cycle for sleep analysis and a smart alarm clock to wake you up gradually. It’s free! Plus it features stories and sounds for you to listen to as you’re falling asleep, in case you’re bored of counting sheep like me. Find in the play store.


Yoga! Aching muscles? spending too much time sitting down? Find some gentle exercises on YouTube and feel refreshed. Remember to start at a level you’re comfortable with. Trying to glow up this lockdown with exercise? Gently stretch out your muscles with yoga when suffering from delayed onset muscle soreness.


Spending time outside (if you can) If you’re going to the shops or on a walk or in the garden take a moment to appreciate the small things. What do you notice? Pretty flowers, bird sounds, fluffy animals? I find the best way to appreciate nature is by stopping to take a photo, it makes you to focus on what’s right in front of you. Like what you’ve taken? Email in with a title to [email protected] to be featured In our next blog.


Lastly, get creative! Paint, draw, build, act or write something. Leave off the pressure for it to be good! In fact purposely make something bad, but enjoy making it. Be silly and have fun. How many years has it been since you’ve finger painted anyway? Email us in any work you’d like to share, we’d love to see it.


 Written by Cassie Eaton