The weather station at Kew Gardens recorded Thursday 25th July as the hottest day in the UK since records began. A group of carers from Carers Support Merton were due to go to Kew Gardens on Friday 26th July!  How would it be?  Thankfully, some rain came during the night, the temperature dropped and a fresh breeze was blowing.  It was perfect weather for walking around such a beautiful garden.


We were thirteen people in all, including a married couple in wheelchairs brought along by their daughter. We split into three groups so

each group could go at their own pace.  This year, there are several vibrant glass sculptures scattered around the gardens and they are stunning.  As the sun reflects onto  the glass the colours become so vivid – I recommend you to go and see them if at all possible!  You won’t be disappointed. I was very impressed by the red and yellow ‘tongues of fire’ sculptures near to the newly refurbished Temperate House.


We visited ‘Africa, the Americas and Australasia’ in the Palm House. Well, it was so hot in there that we were glad to get out in the cool air.  Perhaps my most favourite of the glass houses is the Princess Diana House – so large and specious – full of so many tropical and temperate plants from all over the world. One can forget that we are in England for a short while.


Kew is so expansive that it is impossible to see it all in one day. One of the carers said he had heard Kew Gardens was big, but it far exceeded his imagination. Indeed, there is so much to look at and enjoy: the wide open spaces with numerous types of trees for shade, the wild areas, colourful flower borders and beds, wide paths to walk along, the Japanese pagoda, the treetop walk, and a magnificent structure called the ‘beehive’.  I mustn’t forget to mention several cafes where snacks and meals are served – and what a view you have as you sit with your cup of tea/coffee and look out at the well kept lawns and flower beds.


As we walked along, the carers said that the day out was such a wonderful way to be refreshed and have a break from their caring role. To be sure, we were very tired at the end of our time there, but it had been a wonderful respite from routine.  We’d love to go again and see more of Kew.