Artwork by Sophia, 15

Sophia, 15, has managed to find some of the amazing artwork she has produced over the past months. Her more recent pieces are locked away in school! Thanks for sending these to us Sophia!


This portrait shows examples of advanced digital techniques, including an expertly blended background. Sophia's style here is reminiscent of the anime genre, with large, expressive eyes and bold lines!   

Sophia has used traditional media to produce this wonderful portrait. Mixing realism with a strong comic style, the shading and highlights add a real sense of depth to the image. Great work! 
Here is a great example of creative modification, with Sophia painting a stylised cartoon character (reminds me a bit of Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants) over a device. This effect can be achieved by using acrylic paint - but remember to ask your parents before painting over any of their things! ;)