'Animals with a Twist' by Amelia, 12

A huge thanks to Amelia, aged 12, for sending in this lovely illustration of her two favourite animals. Amelia produced the picture using pen and coloured pencil and was inspired by the German artist Albrecht Durer (1471-1528), who famously sketched the image of a Rhinoceros using descriptions alone - having never actually seen one!

Amelia used this idea to add little textural 'twists' to two of her favourite animals, a wolf and a hummingbird. For example, she decided to give her winking wolf cub a patch of tough rhino skin on the top of its head, and feathers lining the inside of its ears! Great work Amelia!!!

DID YOU KNOW? Hummingbirds have no sense of smell - and they are the only birds that can fly backwards!!!

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