“If all the carers in the country went down, I don’t know what the government would do.” Rosanna, Merton Carer.

Merton’s Carers need your help. Since the start of the pandemic unpaid Carers across the UK have already provided support to family members or friends valued at a staggering £135 billion.

 “78% of unpaid carers are seeing the needs of the person they care for increase and 74% are worn out and exhausted.” [Carers UK]

Is it any wonder when you are caring for somebody 50 hours plus a week for just £62.25 often with no holiday, lunch breaks or social life that time for yourself is in short supply? You can’t clock off when you are a Carer. 

In Merton, Covid-19 has brought a 26% increase in demand for our services. We currently have the capacity to reach about 1000 adult carers a year with active interventions. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Based on data from Carers UK, it is estimated that there are as many as 20,000 unpaid Carers in Merton and post-Covid that number is expected to continue to grow. With your help we can support many more Carers.

In addition to the anxiety of shielding a vulnerable loved ones Covid-19 has left many Carers having to cope without their regular support networks, invariably putting the wellbeing of the person they look after ahead of their own needs. Carers are twice as likely to suffer ill-health as a result of their caring role.

 “Mrs C's husband wakes several times in the night with many requests leaving Mrs C sleep deprived. At times she has felt overwhelmed with exhaustion, making her agitated, emotional and crying for long periods.”

Every day at CSM we are working with Carers to ensure they receive the resources they need to support them in their caring role providing information and advice, and practical, emotional and financial support. We have time to listen to Carers who want to talk about their worries or need to know their rights.

We are here for Young Carers who may be feeling isolated and alone. We can help Young Carers make sense of a parent or sibling’s condition and provide a safe space for them to share their fears. We run activities and projects to give Young Carers a break from their caring responsibilities, boost their confidence and let them be children for a while.

But we can’t do this without you. Just as carers need us to be there for them now, we need our community to be there for us. Your donation will help to make a real difference in the lives of carers.

Every penny you donate, helps us to:

  • Stay connected to Carers by phone and online to provide advice and reassurance
  • Continue to work on behalf of Carers and arrange emergency support
  • Deliver workshops to help Carers navigate complex systems and develop their knowledge and skills for their role.
  • Help Carers to access financial support including maximising benefits and distributing small grants
  • Link Carers to local support services to improve their wellbeing and reduce isolation
  • Train other professionals to identify and support carers so they are listened to and gain the recognition they deserve

Please give generously to help keep Merton's carers connected this Christmas.