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Privacy Policy

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Refer an adult carer

If you are working professionally with someone who will benefit from support as a carer, you can refer them to us directly with their consent. Read more

Parent carers

Parents of children who have disabilities and are aged under 18, are welcome to participate in our range of activities for adult carers, as well as any of our groups and social events for which they meet the relevant criteria. Parents of children aged over 18, who are caring for their adult child, also qualify for our full range of services including Carers Assessment. Read more

Who we are

Carers Support Merton is an independent charity formed in 1991 by a group of local carers. We exist to support unpaid carers from the age of 5 in Merton to stay well and live a fulfilling life. Read more

What is a Young Carer?

We define a 'Young Carer' as anyone aged between 5-17 that is significantly impacted by the diagnosed health condition, disability or substance misuse of a close relative. This means someone they live with or see on a daily basis. Read more