This year we ran two projects that relied on volunteers: Thank you to all our young carer mentors and digital champions.

Young Carers Mentoring Project

The Young Carers Mentoring Project is about to come to a close and Volunteers' Week is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the work of our volunteers!

Over the past year and a half, several volunteers from various ages and completely differing walks of life have dedicated their time to mentoring the young Carers of Merton. We have had university students, retirees and ex-young Carers themselves invest over 4 hours each month to mentoring one or more young person with significant caring responsibilities.

The work of our volunteers has enabled young Carers to have respite from caring responsibilities, a listening ear throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, support throughout online schooling, returning to education and transitions to secondary school. The volunteers have guided the young Carers of Merton through new exciting experiences throughout a truly challenging couple of years; from beginning new hobbies, trying out new sports to exploring new cultural activities.

The time, thought and effort put in by the volunteers is invaluable, it has shown a significant positive impact upon the young Carers' wellbeing and will surely leave a lasting effect!  Thank you to the volunteers of the Young Carers Mentoring Project, it would not have been possible without you!

A time to say thanks to our volunteers

The Digital Skills Project

During the past year, our digital champion volunteers have supported Carers to improve their confidence and skills with their electronic devices.

Our volunteers have worked with Carers in public libraries, cafes and Carer's homes across Merton. They have given up at least an hour of their time each week for two or three months to encourage Carers to make the most of their devices: desktop computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

They have helped people with the issues that matter most to the Carer and those that affect their caring roles. This could be helping someone with on-line shopping so that they don't need to leave the person they care for, or filling in on-line forms or documents sent to them by professionals. We've also been able to help people access Carers Support Merton services, such as our support groups and advice sessions held via Zoom.

Although the present project is coming to an end, Carers Support Merton remains committed to ensuring that Carers are supported to access online services. We hope that our Digital Champions will continue to be a major part of this work.