Reduced services see unpaid carers pushed to the limit - and desperately worried about winter

New research from Carers UK exposes the plight of carers since the pandemic. Family carers are going without crucial services, whilst providing many hours of additional care for loved ones with increasing needs.

This is at a critical point in the Covid-19 pandemic when more restrictions are being put in place, and many expect life to become more difficult over the winter months.

Previous research by the charity in April showed the majority of unpaid carers immediately took on more care for their older, disabled or seriously ill relatives through the lockdown.

Six months later, four in five carers (81%) report that they are still providing more care than before the lockdown.

The facts

Nearly two thirds (63%) have expressed worry about how they will continue to manage over winter.

  • Four in five unpaid carers providing more care for relatives
  • 78% reported that the needs of the person they care for have increased during the pandemic
  • Two thirds (67%) worried about how they will cope through further lockdowns or local restrictions
  • Carers UK calls on Government to help reinstate crucial support services as soon as possible, and implement a New Deal for Carers

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