Caring is very often a family affair. In your family you may be the sole or main/lead carer, or be sharing the care with other relatives or friends.  We recognise that at times many carers can feel overwhelmed, isolated or lonely and it can be tough going for everyone to feel heard or supported within their network.       

Our Family Support Service aims to help carers and their families to identify ways in which they can work better together, gain strength from mutual support and resolve differences or sensitive issues.

You’ll be offered up to four home visits that will help you look at where and how you most need support, set your objectives and get support to follow them up. We’ll help you plan positive changes in any of the following areas:

  • Your Family or Support Network
  • Caring with Confidence
  • Your Health and Wellbeing
  • Money and Personal Affairs
  • Your Home Situation (Practicalities)
  • A Life of Your Own

You may be eligible for our Family Support Service if you and/or your family are affected by one or more of the following issues:

  • worrying about the lead carer’s health, wellbeing or capacity to manage the ongoing demands of caring
  • caring for more than one person, or someone with complex or multiple needs
  • isolated, feeling lonely or lost touch with supportive networks such as family, friends, neighbours or the wider community
  • experiencing family tensions or disagreements concerning how best to manage the caring role

If you are willing to participate in support planning and work towards positive change, contact us for more information or ask to be referred to our Family Support worker.