Carers often have to learn new skills, cope with new challenges in their lives and gain access to services they have never used before. We are here to help with information, advice and guidance on all aspects of caring.  This includes Carers’ rights, benefits, financial & legal entitlements, housing & employment.

“The regular emails and information have helped to know that there is so much on offer and gives you a feeling that help is out there and someone cares.”

“If I have any question about any aspect of care, I can ask Daniela or Debbie. They can then guide me.”

“l now realise that, l as a carer have needs, and its alright to get help.”

We specialise in offering responsive, confidential and flexible support for carers to enable them to negotiate the complex and changing world of public and health services. We can help claim benefits, or to get help with Carers Assessments or Power of Attorney.  We help carers learn skills, maintain their own health, plan for the future, or deal with emotional issues, amongst many other things.

When you need additional help we can represent your concerns to external agencies or refer you to specialist advice services.

You can telephone the office between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday on 0208 646 7515 to ask for information or advice.