Our Virtual Health & Wellness Programme was launched on the 1st June so that Carers of Merton,  can support each other to emerge from lockdown as fit and well as we can.  It will be run on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday through a closed Facebook group and will consist of exercise classes, talks to motivate and help us reach our health goals, question time, recipe ideas and much more.  The best bit is that the talks and exercise classes are recorded and stay in the group so you can access at another time if it is not convenient to do live, or if you want to do them again!  

Carers Support Merton's Health and Wellbeing Programme is run by Chris Tuck (pictured), founder of West Wickham Health and Fitness.  She has qualifications and many years’ experience in supporting people to make positive lifestyle changes to improve their physical health and emotional wellbeing.  She is qualified to teach exercise to chidren and adults.  She is also qualified in nutrition, in supporting people experiencing mental ill health and is qualified to accept GP referrals – so all in all a fantastic resource to support us through this difficult time.

Seated Pilates and Strength Every Friday 2pm - 3pm

This session is a full-body no impact workout. All the benefits of the Stressbusters Pilates but combined with the use of other equipment like a tennis ball, a tea towel, a mini ball or cushion to deliver a different experience whilst seated! 

Please wear comfortable clothing suitable for exercising and take responsibility for making sure you have enough safe space to exercise. 

You take part at your own risk and must agree to health declaration. The programme is directed at adults, but children are welcome to join in as long as you are satisfied they are fit and well and are exercising safely.  However, the materials are copyright and we ask you not to share wider than the group.

To view the health declaration, click here.

For testimonials from some of Chris' other clients, click here.

To join the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1540384552780909/

If you do have any questions please contact us at [email protected] or cal us on 2028 646 7515

We would like to respectfully remind you that Carers Support Merton are a charity and in order to continue to run workshops, social activities, and classes for Merton's Carers we do rely on donations and grants.  If you are able to make a donation however small to help us continue to run our events it would be really appreciated.

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