Week 1: Tuesday 16th April 2019
Getting the right advice and information
This session is designed to allow carers to reflect on their caring experience (recognising and accepting implications of  the Carer role) The aim is to help carers identify their needs and find out more about the different ways they can get help and support with their caring role.
Week 2: Tuesday 23rd April 2019
Equipping you with the right tools
This session will provide carers with information on a range of topics and aim to explore the practical side of their caring journey .The aim is to help carers explore different ways of  managing their own caring role while they are sustaining their own needs and planning for the future.
Week 3: Tuesday 30th April 2019
Having your say
This session will look at the many communication challenges that arise when caring. Workshops range from the basics of communication and assertiveness through to advanced skills for more complex situations. The aim is to help carers build their confidence when voicing their concerns, identify how carers expertise on the needs of the cared for person can be recognized and how they can be involved in decision-making by services
Week 4: Tuesday 7th May 2019  
Lasting the distance
This session will focus on the emotional aspects of the different stages of the caring journey including change, loss and living through difficult times. The aim is to identify different coping strategies to help carers deal with social isolation and loneliness.
Workshops are FREE but a donation to Carers Support Merton would be very much appreciated. You are able to do this when booking you ticket.
For more information or to book on the workshops please contact Nawal on 0208 646 7515 or email [email protected]