Tisha's Story

"At the end of the week came another classic dilemma for carers.  I was injured on a bus.  Who looks after a primary carer when they have an injury?" Read more

Saffiyah's Story

"I am on call 24/7. I need to second guess all the time. Anything can happen at any minute." Read more

Kenny's Story

“For a long time, I’ve dreamed of having a BMW 3-series. But you know what, reality kicks in. I realized it would be too difficult for my mum to get in and out." Read more

Laura's Story

"People don’t know I’m a carer. All people see is another mum dropping off her kids...I do everything for Greg. Mentally it’s hard. Every time I leave the house I think, is he going to be okay while I’m gone." Read more

Rosanna's Story

Caring has changed Rosanna's life. "Mum’s become my child. My life has been on hold for the last three years." Read more