The world is opening again, but it's not business as usual.

Remember life in lockdown? That is ‘normal’ life for many carers.

Remember what is was like being indoors for days on end, your social life on hold, outings limited to a dash to the supermarket and few opportunities for exercise and recreation. Remember what a difference it made being connected with friends and family, having someone to talk to when you were feeling anxious and alone. How much you depended on the internet and couldn't imagine life without it.

Life may be returning to something like normal, but the crisis isn't over for Merton’s Carers of all ages. The feelings of isolation, exclusion and heightened anxiety haven't gone away. Some carers still have limited or no access to the internet.

“I am getting emotional every day and do not know what I am going to do if I get ill.”

In addition, we anticipate that more people in Merton will turn to CSM for support caring for a loved one recuperating from the long-term, debilitating effects of Covid-19.

That's why we still need your help.

In April we asked for your help to ensure we could carry on delivering our services.

Thanks to you:

But this is only the start.  

All of us at CSM remain committed to delivering the best service we can. While Covid-19 has impacted our income and presented us with new fundraising challenges, it has also spurred us to see the opportunities that digital innovation can create for carers. 

The pandemic has brought out the best in Merton residents who have rallied to support the most vulnerable in our community. 

If you are still working from home the price of your weekly commuteyour first flat white of the day, your lunchtime sandwich or that post-work drink can help to keep Merton's carers connected and resilient through this crisis and beyond.

But every penny you donate makes a difference.

Please help us to:

  • Stay connected to carers by phone and online to provide advice and reassurance
  • Continue to advocate on behalf of carers and arrange emergency support
  • Deliver practical training, exercise classes and social activities online to promote wellbeing and reduce isolation

With your help, we will continue to be here for all carers in Merton throughout this crisis and beyond.

Because as life returns to normal carers are still caring and so are, we.

Show you care.

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